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EUR ING, Dipl.-HTL-Ing. Peter Anderwald

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To attend the course Fire Protection Officer, the possession of the Austrian Fire Protection Passport is required (obtained through Module 1). Attending fire department training courses does not replace the BOD course (except for training courses according to ÖBFV guidelines B-07 for company fire department commanders or according to CFPA certificate).

Basic training BSB:
Module 1 + Module 2 + Advanced Training 1)

1)Advanced Training: Extended training is mandatory for the BOD. The fire protection technology seminars (SHEVS, FACP, sprinklers, DBA, gas extinguishing systems) and use-related seminars required for the extended training of the BOD must be completed within 2 years of Module 2 and count as continuing education courses for renewal of the fire protection passport for an additional 5 years.

If the BOD does not attend a seminar required for renewal within 5 years, the validity of the fire protection pass expires and the BOD no longer fulfills the requirements for the activity of a BOD in the sense of TRVB O 119. These can only be fulfilled again by attending module 2 + required BOD technology and utilization seminars. Module 1 does not need to be renewed.

Subject: Legal requirements

Level structure of the legal system - for information
  • Constitution
  • Federal laws and regulations
  • Civil law
  • Criminal Law
  • State laws and regulations
  • TRVB Guidelines
  • ÖBFV Guidelines
Provisions for fire protection - overview
  • Employee Protection Act (ASchG)
  • Workplace Ordinance (AStV)
  • Trade Regulation Act (GWO)
  • Provincial legal provisions
  • Fire police laws/regulations
  • Firefighting Act
  • Storage and sale of pyrotechnic articles
  • Storage of pressurized gas packages in commercial operating facilities
  • Liquid Gas Ordinance (FGV)
  • Ordinance on the storage of flammable liquids (VbF)
  • Labelling Ordinance (KennV)

Subject: Structural fire protection

Legal requirements
  • Building codes
  • Ancillary construction laws and ordinances Workplace ordinance
  • Ordinance on the storage of flammable liquids (VbF) Liquid gas ordinance (FGV) Event laws
Standards relevant to fire protection
  • Definitions for fire protection
  • Fire section
  • Smoke section
  • Fire wall
  • Fire doors and gates
  • Smoke closures
  • Partitions
  • Fire behavior of building materials and components
  • Flammability, smoke and droplet formation classes
  • Fire resistance classes
  • Ventilation ducts, fire dampers ÖNORM B 3806, F 2030, F 2031, Z 1000, Z 1001
TRVB Guidelines
  • General overview
  • TRVB E 102
  • TRVB B 108
  • TRVB S 110
  • TRVB F 134
  • TRVB B148
  • BV 104

Note: Incorporate N-TRVB guidelines at use-based seminar.

Topic: Technical fire protection

Legal requirements
  • Workplace Ordinance
  • Ordinance on the storage of flammable liquids (VbF)
  • Building laws and by-laws Fire police laws and by-laws
Function and mode of operation of technical fire protection equipment
  • TRVB S 114 - Connection conditions
  • Extinguishing systems (gas, spark, sprinkler, explosion suppression systems)
  • Smoke and heat extraction systems
  • Acceptances
  • Maintenance, especially inspection
  • Revisions

Topic: Organizational (operational) fire protection

Objectives of operational fire protection - Tasks of the fire protection officer Preparation of fire protection regulations according to TRVB0 119
  • Personal security
  • Property value protection
  • General fire prevention measures
  • Rules of behavior in case of fire
  • Notice sheet "Behavior in case of fire"
  • Determination of the assembly point
  • Rules of behavior after the fire
Keeping the fire safety book
  • Current entries
  • Results of self-monitoring and measures taken to remedy deficiencies
  • Fire drills carried out
  • All fires and their causes
  • Checks performed and their results Submission to superiors
  • Control plan according to TRVB 0 120 Assignment of tasks to BSW Monitoring of delegated tasks Documentation (defect report)
Arrangement of periodic inspections
  • Maintenance and revision of fire protection equipment Recording of deadlines
Preparation of fire protection plans
  • Preparation according to TRVB 0 121 In agreement with the local fire department Provision for emergency forces Evidenthaltung, Aktualisierung
Preparation of a firefighting operation
  • Contacting the local fire department
Organization and implementation of fire alarm and evacuation drills
  • Creation of an alarm plan Creation of an alarm order Execution of exercises
Instruction and information of employees
  • Training according to TRVB 0 119
Fire Hazardous Activities
  • Issue of the release certificate Consideration of ÖBFV-RL VB-03
Organizational measures in case of shutdown and failure of fire protection equipment
  • Notification of the fire department Notification of the insurance company Surveillance services Substitute measures
Activities after a fire
  • Obligations arising from legal regulations (Fire Police Act / VO)
  • Precautions regarding health hazards
Participation in meetings of the company's health and safety committee (§ 88 ASchG)
  • Introduction of fire protection relevant requirements

Subject: First and extended extinguishing assistance

  • Fire extinguisher rating
  • Extinguishing agent units
TRVB F 124 Devices for extended extinguishing assistance
  • Dimensioning of the number of fire extinguishers (min. 2examples)
  • Wall hydrants - design types according to TRVB F 128
  • Mobile extinguishers
  • Combination extinguishers
  • Fire extinguisher inspection
  • Labelling regulation ONORM F 2030, Z 1000

Topic: Fire hazards

Fire hazards and corrective measures Ignition source key
  • Lightning strike
  • Spontaneous combustion
  • Heating devices
  • Mechanical energy
  • Electrical energy
  • Open light and fire
  • Arson
  • Static charge
  • Liquid gas
Success control
  • Written test (multiple choice procedure) min. 30 questions

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