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Fire cause investigation / Explosion cause investigation

After a fire, it is necessary to determine the cause of the fire or explosion. In this way, an incident can be prevented further down the line. It also provides the opportunity to prevent the hazard by technical measures. This is also required by the relevant laws. By this knowledge the "Business Continuity Planning" is to be applied in further consequence.

Technical accident system / technical accident cause analysis

In the event of any technical accident, it is necessary to determine the cause. This is also required by the authorities. The legal measures according to the ASchG must also be planned in such a way that existing accidents are included in the safety planning.

Expert opinion on special components (Construction Products Regulation)

Each construction product is certified by the supplier for its potential use. However, it is often necessary that other types of use are also required. Here there is the possibility to optimize the extension area by appropriate expertises, reports u. Studies. Due to the employees in the standardization institute we have here an extensive network and thus an access to most diverse documents, so that a comprehensive use of the building products becomes possible.

Court expert activity

General and certified expert. Expert in the fields of fire protection, fire department, fire police, industrial police, fire investigation, explosion investigation,... -

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