For the Nostalgia Railways in Carinthia, we carried out the necessary submission documents as well as the approval procedure as implementing agent.

Carnica draisine express at Feistritz im Rosental station

The line between the Museum- Historama in Ferlach and Feistritz im Rosental is used by the Nostalgiebahnen. The line was purchased by the province of Carinthia and made available to the nostalgia railroads. In order to also carry out further regular use, the idea was born to use trolley cars and open wagons to travel the route.

This is not a use under railroad law but is subject to event law. Thus, an approval procedure had to be carried out as a venue and event.

We have been able to handle these procedures for the nostalgia railroads.


Initially, there was the problem that this was a dual use as a railroad and as an event location. This could be solved together with the event authority (in this case the office of the Kärtnter federal state government). Also in this connection also the carriages as well as the traction vehicles were not approved as a railroad, but as an event. (Flying structures)

Since dual use is possible in addition to the Carnica Draisinen-Express, there are now two permits.

Due to the new cars there is a ride as a tourist attraction, where you are very close to nature. Through the beautiful Rosental the route leads along to Feistritz.